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Maya C., 22, Model, Chicago, IL
Angela is AWESOME! She has such a unique way of connecting with all her students at one time that it feels like it's just
you and her, even if there are others with your class.  She is very professional and gives you the freedom to be as
creative and sexy as you want.  She doesn't make you feel pressured to be a certain way, so if you wanted to, you could
be goofy, sexy, graceful, etc.  How you interpret pole is exactly that, your interpretation.

She's on time, organized, and really friendly.  This isn't just a regular aerobics class.  The moves you do are more
suggestive and require more athletic ability than you think.  It would be really nerve racking for anyone who's just
starting out or not comfortable enough with themselves to just strut their stuff on the pole right away, but Angela helps
ease that tension.

She's got a really cute little studio in her living room with 5 poles.  They are all perfectly spaced and she's got sexy
lighting and mirrors in their too.  Seriously, it's just this awesome girl room where you can just let your freak flag fly!

I'll rave about Pole Velocity all day. Had my first class week and was feeling hesitant about how it would go, but Angela is
great. She's got credibility, experience, and a nice little set up that makes you feel comfortable there. Plus, she's got
these cute fluffy cats that chill out and watch you dance which is hilarious.
Love the class, love the prices, love the environment.

Sherice C., 25, Coat Check Girl, Chicago, IL
Amazing place to learn pole.  Angela gives you that one on one touch.  Also you don't have to worry about sharing a pole.
Angela is  very professional and she breaks down all the spins until you get it right.  I noticed after taking classes with
her, I get my tricks and spins  done correctly.  Ladies of all sizes can come and feel safe and have fun.  Bring out your

Keitany R., 21, Student, Champange, IL
Angela makes learning pole dancing easy and fun. On 3/3/12 I went in for her Intro to Pole Dancing class. I have never
been to a pole dancing class so I didn't know what to expect. When I walked into the front door I was greeted by Angela
and her adorable cat. There were already two other girls there. I filled out a form and we were ready to go.

She went step by step showing us how to do different moves that eventual turned into a full routine by the end of class.
Because there were only 3 students in the class she was able to give us 1-on-1 advice on how to get the most out of
pole Dancing.  

Meagan, 28, Web Designer, Chicago
For anyone interested to change up their fitness routine - in other words, casual class-goers, where it excels beyond
many other local studios is that it's a great resource for people who are serious about Pole.

I was a gymnast as a kid, and took some dance in adolescence and college - so I had some leftover strength and
flexibility, but was losing it more and more with each passing (sedentary) year - and I'd tried a 90 minute pole workshop
in Vegas a few years back, so I knew I might like it.

I started with the Beginner class, and I'm glad I did: I learned the right way to do even simple spins, and improved my

I was amazed how fit even one class a week at her home studio kept me. I started to build arms strength in a way I never
had before and slowly drop some weight.

Six months in, it was obsession and I knew I had to get a pole at home. Fortunately Angela is well versed with all the
pole manufacturers and is a reseller of the some of the best, and she helped me pick one out, ordered it for me, and it
was at my house in 4 days!

I've been working my butt off (literally - dropped almost 2 jeans sizes and shooting for more in the new year) and have
excelled to Angela's intermediate class. She has been custom tailoring my workouts so I can get the most out of class,
which I totally appreciate.

She's always up to date with what's going on the pole world, and goes to competitions and workshops. She knows some
of the top names in pole, and sometimes even pulls them in for workshops (the summer workshop with champion poler
Jenyne Butterfly was a treat.)

She knows all the latest pole products, from grip enhancers to workout clothes, and is concerned about safety, having
crash mats and more in her home studio.

Tomorrow I am performing in Angela's Winter Showcase, my first public performance, and I'm geeked. I am hoping for
more showcases and cabarets next year and working even harder to improve my pole prowess.

If you are a (perhaps former) gymnast, dancer, or circus artist who thinks they could be serious about pole, this is the
place you want to go."

Linda W., 34, Law Enforcement, Chicago
This is a great way to learn pole dancing moves and stay or get into great shape while feeling sexy and confident. There
are many classes for different experience levels and Angela is a great instructor.  She takes time to really explain and
help you be at your pole dancing best.  It's great for strength training and works all parts of your body - it's a wonderful
amalgam of dance, gymnastics and art (and of course - major sexiness)!

Annie G., 26, Personal Trainer , Chicago
I have always been interested in taking Pole Dancing classes but very hesitant (I don't feel comfortable doing any kind
of dance let along on a pole!), and my boyfriend signed me up to get the process moving.  He picked a lot based on
location, which is great for me, but I am so glad it worked out how it did.  I took (and continue to take) classes from her
in home studio which I love.  I didn't know what to expect at first, but having a maximum of three people there makes it
so great.  You really get to learn it step by step and as a whole, and Angela is really good at pacing classes based on
who is there and the different levels without it being slow or not good for everyone.  

I am a personal trainer and work out often, and I am challenged by it physically as well, which makes me super excited to
learn more.  There are always more challenges, but it is something you can also start doing right away, even if you are
clueless and a bit shy like I am.  

Kudos to her for loving what she does, being inviting and creating a comfortable and fun environment.  Now if I could
only make it look so natural and attractive like she does........and figure out where to fit a pole in my place....

Leann, 29, Make Up Artist/Model, Chicago
I loved taking classes with Angela at Pole Velocity!  The classes are small so you get a lot of attention and she makes the
classes so fun.  I was surprised at how much it works your core and really builds upper body strength and tones
muscles everywhere I didn't even know I had!  She offers great party packages too.

Stephanie, 28, Event Planner, Chicago
" I liked how fun it [Pole Dancing] was.  I expected to feel weird and maybe a little shy doing it in front of others, but
Angela really made everyone feel so comfortable and relaxed.  She has a way of teaching that allows you to let go of
your insecurities and just have fun with it."

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I took my first class.  I went into it hoping for the best and really got so much more
out of it.  The class sizes never exceeded four people which made the environment of the class so much more
informal.  We were able to focus on the moves that were a bit more difficult for us to conquer because the class sizes
were smaller.  The larger studios just don't give you that same luxury. "

"Angela was extremely helpful and always helped me to conquer the move that was giving me the most trouble.  She
also gave helpful hints on how to work out your body outside of class which would help you to build strength for the
moves she was teaching.  She also utilized the other people in the class.  If there was a move that you couldn't get but
someone else could, she would have you watch both them and her for a tutorial.  She always did it in a way in which you
never felt uncomfortable or stupid for not being able to do it."

"I was actually amazed at how much of a workout I got.  I definitely was sore after a few of my classes.  It felt great
though to get a workout while I was doing something that was so fun."

"I would definitely recommend Pole Velocity, especially for private group events.  Getting a group of your girls together
for a birthday or bachelorette party and doing this would be a great start to any night. "

Linda V., 46, Accountant, Chicago
"Last fall Angela came to my house and taught my friends and me how to do a chair dance.  She also brought along a
pole and we had fun trying to pole dance.  We laughed and had such a good time.  I would do it again."

"I think people get the wrong impression of pole dancing, when they hear the term.  It's fun and it's a good workout.  
Angela has fun with it.  The women who came to my house were all middle aged and we had a great time!"

Kim M., 30 - something, Chicago
"I have taken courses at the other two big name pole fitness studios in the city and Pole Velocity is the only one I would
recommend.  The other places are much more crowded and the students basically have to teach themselves due to
large class sizes and we had to share the pole every single time.  If you want more personalized attention during your
pole workouts without the blaring music then this is the studio for you."

Siu H, 48, Accountant, Chicago
"I was looking for an alternative exercise class and pole dancing is a great alternative for me. The workout gives me
great muscle tone and it is fun and sexy.  Angela teaches in smaller classes, so I get a lot of one on one time.  She
tailors the class to the student's ability, and I get to work on the moves that I need to improve. I would recommend this
class to my friends."

Jo Anna, 33, Para Legal, Chicago
"Pole Velocity is a great workout! It is a standout because you get very individaul attention, the instructor Angela, makes
certain of this. I haven't once left this class without sweating. From the first class forward I learned more that I even
thought I would. I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a great workout, some fun or who is tired
and bored of the same old workout routine. There is nothing to be apprehensive about, as I mentioned already, the
instructor is very knowledgable, very supportive.  This would be one of my favorite fitness classes that I have taken
upto date. I havent even finished with the beginner class and I already know that I will continue on with the

Lorraine, 50, Landscape Designer, Lions
"The class is fabulous! Angela is an excellent instructor-very patient and observant. She challenges you yet at a level
you can handle. The class really brings out your feminine side and makes you really feel good to be female. I
recommend purchasing a pole to practice on at home. Also the health benefits are great--really works your abs and
upper body. When you get to the upside down moves the leg workout is equally as intense. I recommend this class to
everyone I know. What a fun way to exercise and feel really great about yourself!  Not to mention the added benefits for
your husband/partner at home !!!"

Jennifer, 30, Performance Artist, Chicago
"I have always been intrigued by pole dancing as it looked like a lot of fun and artistic. I was in the process of looking
around for another style of dance or fitness that I haven't tried before since I have done Latin, Contemporary, Jazz, etc.
and really bored with aerobics and similar classes. I came across pole dancing on the internet one night and decided to
look into it further. That's when I found Angela's site Pole Velocity. I was very excited about trying something new and
knew right away that I was going to give it a try. I was also impressed with her personal story, her struggles with her
own body, and how she had built this business from the ground up. It wasn’t a corporation that overcharged like some
other sites I had perused."

"Within the first few weeks I was addicted if not instantly and in addition Angela and I had a great connection. I took
some pain, and it was definitely hard work since I am not overly athletic in my upper body strength. Most of my strength
was in my legs from being a dancer for years. I have been actively taking these classes for a few months, and have
completed basic, and intermediate courses. Currently I am in my fourth week of my first Advanced stage of classes. I
recently did a girls night out event with Angela and another advanced student and got to teach a short routine. It was a
blast and really made me feel accomplished in what I had been doing for the past few months."

"Pole dancing has changed my life and I don’t say that lightly. It has brought me to a whole new level of appreciating my
body, inner self and worth. I feel empowered that I can conquer anything I set my mind and dedication to, and I have met
a few of her students and that’s been a plus too to share our own experiences, and it’s also a TON OF FUN."

Kim, 38, Chicago
"My name is Kim.  I am 38 yrs old and hale from Chicago.  I have taken several classes with Angela and enjoyed them all
IMMENSELY!  The class size is perfect for one mildly self-conscience, as I tend to be.  As an instructor, Angela was
engaging, attentive and just plain
fun.  I would and have recommended Angela's class."

Margaret, 23, Quality Assurance Technician, Savana, GA
"I would highly recommend Pole Velocity. I really enjoyed the small class
size and the personalized instruction. Pole dancing is a great workout!
It is both aerobic and strength building. Pole dancing has increased my
confidence and makes me feel beautiful. Angela makes the classes fun and
offers a lot of encouragement."
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