Angela's Background

"When I hear music it makes me want to DANCE.  It's my passion".  I have danced since I was 3 years old and I plan on dancing until I am so old that I can't get
out of my wheelchair.  I have trained in ballet, tap, jazz, clogging, gymnastics, hip hop, Hawaiian, flamenco, belly dancing, Tahitian, striptease, pole dancing,  
salsa and merengue dancing.  Additionally, I have been studying Aerial Silks, Aerial, Trapeze, Aerial Lyra, and Aerial Hammock.   I attended Purdue University
and graduated in December 1996 with a bachelors degree in accounting.  Shortly after, I moved to Chicago and began my corporate career in August 1997.  I
continued to take dance classes in my spare time, but always longed to become a dance instructor.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease on July 3rd 2004. This is an auto-immune disease that attacks the body through the digestive system and joints.  This
has been a struggle for me and my family for most of my life.  My mother, sister and cousin suffer from the disease as well.   Pole dancing has helped me build
strength to help overcome the disease and bounce back quickly from the fare ups.  I have been pretty sick and in the hospital several times.  I have been at my
ultimate peek in strength and stamina from pole dancing and then gone back to square one like I have never touched the pole.  It's been very frustrating, and I
keep having to tell myself that I have a condition that most people do not have, and I will have my good days and bad days on the pole.  It's been  a continuing
struggle  for 10 years which my students have been so supportive and understanding.  Especially on my really bad days. Unfortunately, I have had a rough year
with my disease.  I was very sick since the beginning of January 2014.  I lost 20lbs from not being able to eat due to a blockage in my stomach and intestine
which sent me to the hospital and have to be on IV nutrition.  I was so weak that I could not even do a simple spin or hold my own weight on the pole.  In March,
I had surgery to repair my stomach and have part of my colon removed.   I was determined to gain my strength back over the summer to prepare for my
second surgery in August to reconnect my colon.  I was off from teaching until November due to some complications after surgery.  I am now back to teaching
and feeling pretty good.  It will take some time to be at the same level I used to be, but I am very happy to be teaching pole and aerial fit again.  I hope to be in
remission from Crohn's Disease one day.  

Why I Started Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness

In January 2006, I was driving on my way to ballet class.  I was frustrated that there was no where in Chicago to take pole dance classes for the average,
everyday woman.  "Pole dancing has been such a craze in so many other major cities and worldwide".  Why was it not really heard of in Chicago?  I decided
that it was time for Chicago to have a place where women could experience the rush of spinning on a pole, letting go of all inhibitions,  and feeling the inner
diva that they never knew was there.  I wanted to offer quality classes so that more women can build strength and feel better about their bodies.   Back then, it
was not a competitive sport like it is now.  There was a bad image of pole dancing being only for the strip clubs.  At the time, most ladies would not tell anyone
they wanted to try pole dancing for fun or exercise.  So, I decided to start my on studio and break the stigma.  Most everyone thought I was crazy.I  started
POLE VELOCITY Dance and Fitness in January 2006.

Certification Background

Pole Fitness Studio - Certified Pole Dance Instructor 2006 -  Present
American Fitness Professionals of America - Certified Group Fitness Instructor 2006 - Present
Pole Position Studio - Certified Pole Dance Instructor 2007 - Present
ZUMBA® -  Certified Instructor 2008 - Present
Vertical Dance U.K. - Certified Try- Fly Fitness Instructor 2012 - Present
TRX® - Certified Group Instructor 2012 - Present
PiYo® - Certified Instructor 2015 - Present
American Red Cross - Certified in CPR/AED and First Aid 2006 - Present

In 2006,  I went several times to Los Angeles, CA  for pole dance instructor training and classes, as well as training on my own at home.  In August 2006, I
trained in  Las Vegas, NV with Fawnia Dietrich  for a 3 day private pole dance instructor certification from Pole Fitness Studio.  Fawnia Dietrich is very well
known as a Professional Pole Dancers, and is one of the pioneer pole dancers to start lessons and instructional DVD's for everyday women to learn the art of
pole dancing.  In addition, I received my Group Fitness Instructor Certification from American Fitness Professionals of America in October 2006 thought now.  

In April 2007, I attended the teacher certification training for Pole Position Fitness Studios and received my certification in June 2007 as a Certified Pole Dance
Instructor accredited by ACE and AFFA.

I received my ZUMBA® instructor certification on January 25, 2008, and I am very excited to begin teaching ZUMBA® fitness classes.  This is a great workout
class that incorporates basic Latin dance steps for a fun workout and dance class.  It's a Party! Now offering classes on scheduled days.

In May 2012 I received my Try-fly Instructor certification for the aerial hammock (similar to aerial yoga).  This is a fun class were you use the hammock to
balance and do stretching, core conditioning, inversions, and tricks.  This is for anyone that wants a complete spine stretch and can handle being upside

In 2012, I  also received my TRX® Instructor certification for group fitness classes and circuit training.  This is a great workout that uses straps and your on
body weight for resistance.  It's a great core and conditioning workout.

Professional Training

Katie Coates, Vertical Dance in the U.K , X-Pole, also heading the committee for having pole dancing in the Olympics and
pioneer of the pole dance community

July 2007 - Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Chicago Heights, IL -  Workshops and Private lesson
May 2011 - Underground Fitness, McHenry, IL - 2 day certification course for Tri-Fly Instructor

Jamilla Deville,  Art of Pole Dance Sydney, Australia, she is also a pioneer of the pole dance community and has been voted
best pole instructor for the past several years.

April 2009 - Pole Fitness Studio, Las Vegas, NV - Workshops for Intermediate and Advanced pole dancing
April 2010 - Pole Fitness Studio, Las Vegas, NV - Workshops for Intermediate and Advanced pole dancing

Jenyne Butterfly, 2009 USPDF Pole Dance Champion and 2nd in the World Pole Championship, Michael Jackson "The One"
Cirque de sole  featured performer, and featured in the movie "Rock of Ages"

August 2008 - Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness, Chicago, IL - Workshop for Pole Velocity and private lesson
August 2009 - Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness, Chicago, IL - Master Workshop for Pole Velocity students and private lesson
August 2010 -  Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness, Chicago, IL - Master Workshop for Pole Velocity students and private lesson

Estee Zakar, 2010 USPDF Miss Trickster, X-Pole Girl, and featured in the movie "Rock of Ages"

August 2011 - Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness, Chicago, IL - Master Workshop for Pole Velocity Students, and private lesson

Alethea Austin, 2010 USPDF Pole Dance Champion, 2009 USPDF Miss Sexy, and featured in the movie "Rock of Ages"

May 2011 - Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Chicago Heights, IL - Sexy Flow Workshop and private lesson

Amy Gion,  Featured in Stretch and Flexibility and Pole Series DVD's by Be Spun Studio, owner of Bendability, Pole
Championship Series co-founder

May 2012 - Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness, IL - Stretch and Flexibility Workshop for Pole Velocity students and private lesson

USPDF Pole Dance Championships, NY Pole Dancing and Body & Pole Studio, New York, NY

March 2010 - Jenyne Butterfly, 2009 USPDF Champion - Intermediate/Advanced Workshop
March 2010 - Allegra King, Australian Pole Dance Champion for 2010 - Spinning Pole Workshop
March 2010 - Micula Nunez - Pole Conditioning Workshop
April 2011 - Jenyne Butterfly - Intermediate/Advanced Workshop
April 2011 - Alethea Austin, 2011 USPDF Champion - Sexy Flow Workshop
April 2011 - Karol Helms, 2009 and 2010 USPDF Miss Sexy - Workshop
Mina Mortezaie - Spinning Pole Workshop
April 2011 - Estee Zakar - Workshop
April 2011 - Leigh Ann Reilly, owner of Be Spun Studio - Freestyle Workshop
April 2011 - Kira Johanson - Workshop
April 2011 - Steven Retchless,  APFA Men's Champion - Pole Routine Workshop
October 2011 - Gabrielle Valliere - Workshop
October 2012- Jenyne Butterfly - Intermediate/Advanced Workshop
October 2012 - Natasha Wang,  2011 USPDF Champion - Signature Tricks Workshop

APFA Pole Dance Championships, Body & Pole Studio, New York, NY

October 2010 - Steven Retchless, 2010 APFA Men's Champion - Workshop
October 2010 - Dominick Lacrosse, Flag man - Pole Conditioning Workshop
October 2011 - Steven Retchless - Pole Routine Workshop
October 2011 - Marlo Fisken, 2010 APFA Female Champion - Workshop
October 2011 - David C. Owen, 2010 and 2011 2nd Place APFA Winner - Workshop
October 2011 - Flying Laura, 2011 APFA Female Champion - Workshop

International Pole Conventions, West Palm Beach, FL and Los Angeles, CA

June 2011 - Jenyne Butterfly - Intermediate/Advanced Workshop
Felix Cane, 2010 Australian Champion and 2010 World Champion Pole dancer - Signature Workshop
June 2011 - Johnathan Nosen - Contortion Workshop
June 2011 - Hanka Venselaar, Pole Champion from Belgium - Pole Flips and Tricks Workshop
June 2011 - Becca Butcher - Pole Tricks Workshop
June 2012 - Jenyne Butterfly - Intermediate/Advanced Workshop
June 2012 - Pantera, The Pioneer of Pole - Signature Workshop
June 2012 - Alethea Austin - Tricks Workshop
June 2012 - Marion Crampe, French Champion - Workshop
June 2012 - Hanka Venselaar, Tricks Workshop
June 2013 - Michelle Sanok, 2012 USPDF Champion - Workshop
June 2013 - Carlie Hunter, Australian Pole Champion - Pole Conditioning
2013 - Charlee Wagner, 2012 Midwest National Pole Champion - Contortion and Flexibility

Pole Expo, Las Vegas, NV

September 2012 - Josiah Bad Azz Grant, 2013 Midwest National Division Performer of the Year - Sexy Flow Workshop
September 2012 - Marlo Fisken - Flow Workshop
September 2012 - Estee Zakar - Pole Conditioning Workshop
September 2012 - Zorraya Judd, Champion Pole Dancer - Intermediate Workshop
September 2012 - Alethea Austin - Tricks Workshop
September 2013 - Greta Ponterelli, 2012 Midwest Masters 2nd Place Winner - Flow and Pole Workshop
September 2013, Bendy Kate, U.K. Champion Pole Dancer - Pole Choreography Workshop
September 2013, Michelle Mynx from The Academy of Pole Dance in St. Louis - Burlesque on Pole Workshop

Midwest Pole Convention, Tinley Park, IL

August 2011 - Prana, French Champion Pole Dancer - Signature Workshop
August 2012 - Amber Richards, Pole Champion - Pole Choreography Workshop
August 2012 - Michelle Mynx from The Academy of Pole Dance in St. Louis  - Signature Workshop
August 2012 - Leah Ann Reilly from Be Spun Studio in L.A. - Tricks Clinic Workshop
August 2012 - Amy Gion from Be Spun Studio in L.A. - Stretch and Flexibility Workshop

I was chosen  to be a  finalist in the Rookie Division for The Great Midwest Pole Dance Competition in Tinley Park, IL on August 27th, 2011.  This was the first
competition held in the Midwest and is also my first time competing.  It was a great opportunity to perform at the competition.  I was so nervous to perform
and be judged by some of my most admired pole athletes and idols.  It was a lot of hard work and I was so happy to have met all of my fellow competitors.  
Everyone was so supportive.

Aerial Training
I have been training aerial arts in trapeze, silks, lyra, aerial hammock since 2008 at AMEBA dance company and Aloft which is an Acrobatic and Aerial Circus
Company in Chicago.   It's so inspiring and challenging.  It really does work well with pole dancing.  I continue to train on my advanced pole dance moves and
building strength day by day.  

I am looking forward to many new adventures in the pole dancing world and aerial arts.  

Best wishes,

Angela Reininga
Owner and Certified Instructor of Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness
Owner of Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness, Angela Reininga
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